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"I Spent 40,000 Hours Unlocking The Secrets To
Drip Marketing; Secrets Your Audience Will Want To Learn!"

From: Glenn Fallavollita - President, Drip Marketing, Inc.
To: Event Managers / Conference Chairpeople

Hi, my name is Glenn Fallavollita, and I am the President and proud founder of Drip Marketing, Inc.  

And what I do as a keynote speaker / break-out session leader is rather unique in the speaking industry as I show business owners, sales pros, and marketing gurus how to solve their sales and marketing problems in less than 24 hours!

Don't Just Take My Word For It, Read About These Client Success Stories...

Client #1: This payroll service spent $1,300 to print and mail a letter in a #10 envelope to their database of clients to help promote a particular service. A letter that didn't generate any sales. That's right, ZERO dollars. 

But let me ask you this, would it be helpful to hire someone to rewrite the copy and redesign the format of this letter and set up a proactive phone call follow-up strategy (with sales scripts) that would generate $60,000 in sales in 3.5 weeks?

How about investing another $1,300 for a second letter sent to the clients who didn't react to the first letter - a message that would generate an additional $30,000 in sales for a total of $90,000 within 8 weeks. Oh, by the way, 93% of this new revenue will repeat itself for the next 5 to 7 years for a total of $450,000+ (all for a $2,600 investment). 

Client #2: This professional training franchise owner wanted to land a major account and fill a particular training class. Here's what I did:

  • I wrote and designed several e-mail campaigns and provided their salespeople with a sales follow-up script.
  • I created and gave each salesperson three evidence-based sales tools to help their sales follow-up process.
  • I scheduled a phone blitz session (which I attended) to ensure each salesperson made their follow-up calls; and had a debriefing session to address any questions or ideas about the process.

What I outlined above helped my client generate $61,000 in added revenue. Tell me,  would you like to see your audience receive these results too? 

The Research Behind My Drip Marketing System. 

I invested eight years and $235,000 researching the sales and marketing process of 1,000+ businesses, salespeople, and sales leaders. The result of this research was so revealing it compelled me to do two things. 

The Methodology Behind My Drip Marketing System 10.0.

My Drip Marketing System 10.0 uses a 19-step methodology to maximize businesses sales and marketing efforts:

  • Step 1: Discovery Process
  • Step 2: Prospects Decision-Making Process
  • Step 3: Case Outline - Level 1
  • Step 4: Case Outline – Level 2
  • Step 5: Creating & Conducting Customer Surveys
  • Step 6: Creating & Conducting Competitive Surveys
  • Step 7: Writing Headline
  • Step 8: Risk Lowering Strategies & Creating Offers
  • Step 9: Writing The President's Letter
  • Step 10: Writing Evaluations Review
  • Step 11: Testimonials
  • Step 12: Identify Your Target Market With The Appropriate Media
  • Step 13: Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Step 14: Creating & Writing Lead Generators
  • Step 15: Creating The Appropriate Sales Evidence
  • Step 16: Create A Series Of DRIP Marketing Components
  • Step 17: DRIP Marketing Schedule
  • Step 18: Marketing Optimization Process
  • Step 19: Marketing Plan Overview / Cost Worksheet

To learn more about my expertise, or to hire me to speak at your next conference, contact us today!

Read What Some Of My Clients Are Saying!

"By using Drip Marketing, Inc's services we were able to land four new payroll clients that will generate more than $222,000 in revenue to my company.  Without their services and marketing expertise, we would not have landed them.  I would recommend to not only explore what they do, but also to hire them immediately." Carl Fischer, Owner of Accurate Data Payroll

"We've been in business for 3 years and first learned of Glenn and the Drip Marketing folks after year one.  We studied it, stared at it, asked questions, got Glenn's emails and phone calls and finally pulled the trigger in fall of 2010 (yes, Drip Marketing worked on us!).  We emailed 3,000 prospects and received three direct phone calls from this email and will close one of them in a week, and likely one of the other two.  The ROI on this ONE email - approximately 600%." David G. Hanna, Managing Member of Paystubz

"I was able to continue to have a great year and even stop purchasing leads from other lead services with the amount of return & referral business that your marketing allowed me to generate.  Thanks for all your help and keeping my image fresh and new at all times.  Looking forward to see what you come up with nest year."  Jeremiah Phillips - Village Home Mortgage

"Since starting with Drip Marketing, Inc. we invested $3,822 on our drip marketing campaigns and received $12,595 in first year sales -- clients that will generate more than $88,000 in revenue for us over the next seven years!" Joe Sharpe - Owner, Sharp Payroll

Hurry And Book Glenn Today!

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