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Do You Need An Engaging Keynote Speaker For Your Next Sales Conference Or Corporate Event?
Are you a meeting planner or an event chairperson who's frustrated by past sales and marketing keynote speakers who provided little to no real-life value to your audience? If you answered "Yes," then you need to learn more about Glenn Fallavollita, the leading expert on drip marketing, and the impact he can have on your audience.

Glenn's Ideas Will Generate More Sales Leads Starting In 24 Hours.

To get (and keep) your audience engaged, you NEED to hire a sales and marketing specialist who has been in the sales and marketing trenches. Someone who has been generating real-life sales results for their clients. A person who knows EXACTLY what it takes for a business owner, sales leader, marketing guru, or sales pro to crush it when it comes to their strategies, tactics, and tools. Glenn's ideas are designed to generate more sales leads in as little as 24 hours. 

Free Download Of Glenn's Books...

"In One Call With Glenn Fallavollita, He Added More Value In 45 Minutes On Ways To Generate First Time Appointments For My Sales Team Than What I Could Do In 45 Days.”  Andy Zelt - President/CEO - Axiom Human Resource Solutions 

If you want a dynamic speaker at your next conference, you must learn more about the best-selling author and top-rated speaker Glenn Fallavollita. A few of Glenn's highlights are: 

  • His book Drip Marketing: A Powerful New Marketing Strategy That Gets Prospects To Buy From You  (below) is an best-seller on drip marketing.
  • His company, Drip Marketing, Inc., has helped his clients generate $3.1 million in added sales.
  • He developed a Drip Marketing System 10.0 based on 40,000 hours of research, testing, and implementation.
  • His company, Drip Marketing, Inc., and, have sent 100+ million (yes million) e-mail marketing messages and 300,000 direct mail campaigns for their clients.
  • He wrote the payroll service industry's first and only sales and marketing book, Supercharge Your Payroll Sales NOW! 
  • He was hired as an "Expert Witness" on the concept of drip marketing.

Other Highlights Of Glenn's Accomplishments: 

  • On-Air Guest Product Host For QVC
  • National Speaking Association (NSA) Member
  • Dale Carnegie Training Graduate (Sales Course)
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Course Group Leader
  • Recipient of Dale Carnegie Training's Human Relations Award
  • Xerox Professional Selling Skills (PSS III) Course Graduate

As a popular keynote speaker and workshop leader, Glenn has presented 100+ topics to thousands of business owners, sales leaders, marketing pros, and salespeople to help them overcome their biggest sales and marketing challenges. And as a weekly writer of sales and marketing newsletters, Glenn has been published throughout the U.S. and on LinkedIn.

Why You Need To Hire Glenn For Your Next Conference

Audience Engagement 
Glenn will keep your attendees actively engaged with his presentation, hands-on activities, and audience interaction.

Custom Presentation
Glenn's presentations are customized to fit the needs of your industry and attendees (which few speakers rarely do),

Free Tools
Glenn will give your attendees a number of free cost-effective marketing tools to use.